A Total Wall Solution

A Total Wall Solution At Eastern Exterior Wall Systems, a Total Wall Solution is the result of over 30 years of problem-solving, manufacturing, and installation experience. EEWS works with architects, construction managers, and developers to design, build, and install high quality prefabricated light gauge steel framed exterior wall systems

Benefits of Prefabrication

The advantages of prefabrication over conventional field installed work are based upon the following characteristics of prefabricated walls:

  1. Quality control - Expert craftsmen manufacture exterior wall panels in a climate-controlled environment using modern, state of the art equipment.
  2. Speed – Fabrication can begin long before the building is ready for installation. When the walls are delivered to the job site, the time required to install them is substantially less than the time required to perform all the work using conventional methods.
  3. Job Site Logistics – Prefabricated walls minimize the amount of work performed at the job site. They preclude the need for expensive scaffolding, minimize job site coordination, and minimize personnel exposure to safety issues.
  4. Versatility – Elaborate designs, especially those with multiple materials, can be easily manufactured without extensive coordination between the trades. One contractor ensures that all trades are coordinated and that the final product meets the expectations of the architect.

Facades and Systems

Eastern Exterior Wall Systems offers architects a large selection of panel cladding materials.  The broad range of cladding materials, or combination of two or more materials, provides a wall system to meet the budget and aesthetic criteria of most commercial and institutional projects. The following is a list of the most commonly used cladding materials:

EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems)
EIFS is the lowest-cost, most versatile cladding material. With EIFS, architects can create nearly limitless exterior facade designs using intricate surface relief elements, including reveals, bullnoses, columns, fascias, and cornices. We have used EIFS on 230 projects (80 major), covering six million square feet without a surface failure.

Durable metal-clad panels deliver a high-tech look. EEWS offers a choice of composite metal, aluminum plate, insulated metal panels, zinc, and corrugated aluminum or steel, in a broad range of shapes and colors. 

Thin Brick
EEWS can deliver the timeless beauty of brick in a broad range of colors, sizes, and textures. Corners pieces and trims can be provided to closely simulate conventional brick masonry details.  Thin brick panels weigh 75 percent less than conventional brick masonry, and are true weather barrier systems, eliminating the need for elaborate and expensive weep systems.

Ceramic Tile
Lightweight prefabricated EEWS panels are the perfect showcase for the contemporary textures and colors of ceramic, clay and terra cotta tile claddings. Two setting methods are available - structural silicone and modified cement mortar bed. Trim and accent tiles can be used to create a broad range of aesthetic appearances.

Granite, Limestone, and Synthetic Stone
Stone is ideal for upscale buildings. Because the exterior is prefabricated, EEWS can economically produce intricate stone patterns, cantilevers, radiused walls and other contemporary designs. Stone is installed on panels with structural silicone or stainless steel clips.

GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete)
A Portland cement-based material reinforced with alkali resistant glass fiber, GFRC is giving architects unlimited lightweight design options - as cornices, columns and window accents, as well as full wall panels.

Multiple Claddings
Prefabrication enables EEWS to put more than one type of cladding on a single panel and erect the entire wall in one installation process. By eliminating the need for several trades to be involved in a traditional field-applied overlay process, EEWS panels expedite installation and provide one source of accountability for the entire wall.

EEWS panels are adaptable for renovation and re-clad projects using any cladding option. Installation details have been designed and used on over 50 projects.

Pressure Equalized Rainscreens
Although EEWS are normally designed as barrier systems, they can all be adapted to pressure equalized rainscreens. Contact EEWS sales and engineering personnel for details.

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